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Boarding - Just for Cats!

At Meow Town, we provide stress free, relaxed accommodations that your special kitty will love. Our "catified" suites, condos and townhouses are designed specifically for cats, and cats only! They can nap in their hide away box or relax on one or more elevated perches. Some townhouses even include a window for bird watching! We offer playtime for individual cats (or time with siblings or housemates) in the playroom. Cat toys, puzzles, a cat walk, perches, scratching posts and a beautiful fish tank. We've got it all! We strive to provide an experience for both cats and cat owners that is second to none!

Please give us a call or send us a message!   Let's make YOUR next vacation, your cat's vacation, too!

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At Meow Town we believe cats should experience the five freedoms:

Freedom from...

  • thirst, hunger and malnutrition,
  • discomfort,
  • pain, injury and disease,
  • emotional distress and

freedom to express behaviors that promote well being

Understanding feline behavior allows us to create a comfortable, stress free environment for cats. Look in the BOARDING section for more details.



Currently we carry several books on the subject of feline behavior and how to understand and correct many of the problems cat guardians experience while living with cats.

One great way to increase the bond with your cat and modify behaviors is through clicker training ....YES...cats can be trained!!! We carry several books on training and offer treat pouches and clickers as well. We also have handouts explaining normal cat behaviors.

Search the BEHAVIOR section for downloadable handouts and links.