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Meow Town is the CSRA's only feline exclusive boarding business. We understand that boarding cats in a facility that also has dogs can be very stressful for the cats. Even if the cats don't see the dogs, they do hear them and smell them. That alone can cause the cats stress. We also understand that loud noises are stressful for cats; they are for many of us in fact. We offer softly played music in the suite rooms so as to keep the cats calm and buffer any outside disturbances. The suites are not made of metal, so there is no loud banging upon closing or opening the doors. Visualization of other cats can also be stressful, so the suites are situated such that there is minimal visual exposure to other cats.

Understanding the normal behaviors of cats, and needing to provide an outlet for normal behaviors that promote well being, each suite offers amenities for cats to scratch, hide and perch on different levels. Providing cats with choice and control of their environment further enhances the stress free environment.

Leaving your cat(s) with us at Meow Town will give you a sense of ease, knowing that your little ones will receive the best of care and loving affection while they are in our care.

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