Playroom/ Lounge Area 


Whether your cat is ready to pounce, hunt for treats or try their skills at some of our many enrichment games, we assure you they will be totally satisfied in our Playroom! They can climb on the many perches and stroll along the catwalk. For those guest who are more into relaxation, our playroom also could be used as their own personal Lounge! We have several kitties who like to curl up on a perch and enjoy a little cat nap. The sounds of zen music or birds chirping as they watch the beautiful fish swim around....pure nirvana!

A La Carte Menu

cat food menu Click for larger view

We understand that not all cats can have items outside of their regular diet- but for those who enjoy the "wild side"- we offer a "cat tested, cat approved" A La Carte menu. 100% Grain Free. Please let us know at check in if you would like to treat your special kitty to a little appetizer, delicious dinner or Caturday brunch!

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Wonder what your kitty is up to? We can schedule FaceTime sessions for you and your cat. This is a fun way to see your kitty in action (....or sleeping). They will love to hear your voice and you will love to see them enjoying their vacation, too!
We provide text message photos several times during your cat's stay. For those who still have flip phones (yes....they do exist!) we will be happy to email or simply call!

The Experience 

Meow Town is boarding like no other. Always included in our guest's stay:

  • Fresh, filtered water twice a day
  • Housekeeping twice a day (or more, if needed!)
  • Complimentary treats and catnip
  • Climate controlled temperature so that our guests always stay comfortable
  • Soothing music or nature sounds
  • Time to stroll around the area or enjoy the Playroom/ Lounge space
  • Lots of cuddles, snuggles, cheek rubs and kisses (those are always FREE!)