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What to Bring



You must bring your cat's food for us to feed. Keeping them on their personal diet reduces the incidence of vomiting and diarrhea. As well, it is one less unknown for your cat to be worried about.

Please bring dry food in a zip lock bag and no more than will fit into 8 x 10 x 6 inch container. If your kitty(ies) will be staying with us for an extended time, arrangements can be made for additional storage containers.


Bring any medications along with specific instructions. We do have a medicinal refrigerator set aside for chilled medicines. If you use pill pockets or other methods of medicating your cats, please provide instructions and materials used.


Feel free to bring your little one's special toy! You can also purchase toys available through our boutique for your kitty to enjoy while here and at home.


We provide bedding so there is no need for you to bring any. However, if your little one has a special bed to which they are attached, we'll be glad to let them use it. Feel free to bring t-shirts or other small items from home that include your and your cat's scent. The familiarity of these scents will help relax your cat.

Each suite, condo and townhouse has its own bedding, food and water bowls so there no reason to worry with those items.

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