Phone: (706) 364-8111     Email: info@meowtown.net

What We Offer


  • Comfortable, clean, relaxed atmosphere for the well being of your cat(s).
  • Hourly inspections are performed in order to check the status of our guests. We keep track of eating habits, bathroom habits and mental status. Litter boxes are cleaned ANY time we find they have a deposit. We offer individual attention for each guest throughout the day... play; affection; soft, kind words; visual examination to ensure contentment.
  • The opportunity to stretch legs and explore in the playroom. The playroom is equipped with an aquarium and multiple shelves, benches, etc..
  • Treats: With your permission, we would love to spoil your little one with treats. Generally we use freeze dried chicken livers or shrimp, baby food and possibly tuna. A little spoiling doesn't hurt!! But if they are allergic or have sensitive tummies, please let us know and we will avoid such treats.
  • Soft music or nature sounds are played during the day to maintain a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Filtered water
  • In an effort to stay as hygienic as possible, each suite has individual litter scoops and sweepers, jackets, shoe covers (for the townhouses) and we hand sanitize after working with each cat or family of cats.

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Meow Town

tuxedo218 Baston Rd.
Augusta, GA 30907

Hours: Monday through Saturday - 8am to Noon
and 4pm to 6pm or by appointment
closed on Sunday


Phone: (706) 364-8111
Email: info@meowtown.net
Web: http://meowtown.net

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